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I'm a senior at UW-Whitewater studying Interpersonal Communication and Health Promotion. This summer I'm working at Adventure Outpost at Fort Wilderness! I love to be silly, have random fun, play games, read, talk, and exercise! I have been very blessed by the Lord and seek to live my life for Him each day! I'm hoping all will be encouraged and blessed by reading what the Lord is doing in the lives at Fort Wilderness! Psalm 78:1-7

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Where to start...well, how about the beginning!  The Lord has really just been opening and closing doors very clearly lately for me.  This past spring, I was planning on spending my Spring Break in Tacoma, WA with my sisters.  I prayed and prayed that the Lord would provide for me and open the door to be out there to enrich and grow the relationship with my sisters with a full week to be intentional with them.  I prayed that the Lord would use that time to strengthen relationships I felt shaky about or that I was really missing.  The Lord very clearly shut that door and put on my heart that I should be in Florida with our group of Navigators at UWW.  Although I knew FL would be awesome, I didn't want anything more than to spend time with my sisters.  However, I knew the Lord wanted me in Florida, and He definitely blessed the time that I had there in more ways I could have imagined!

Well, my plans this summer weren't set in stone until recently, but I have no doubt that the Lord had it very strategically planned where He wanted me all along, just like for Spring Break.  I initially hoped that I'd be doing a Summer Training Program with the Navigators out in Colorado.  I had my heart set on doing this and really felt it was right.  However,  the Lord closed that door.  I was quite crushed at first, but God really showed me that it was simply not where He wanted me.  The only other thing I had on my heart was working at Fort, but I felt unsure since I hadn't applied or looked into it at all yet.  Nonetheless, I took steps towards working at Fort, trusting that God would shut this door as well if it was not where He wanted me.  And if it was where He wanted me, He would make it work regardless of timing or my abilities or whatever.  Well, needless to say, it was clear that the Lord wanted me at Fort!  I'll be working with the kids at Adventure Outpost, diving in with them everyday!  I'm excited to see the blessings from living in His will!

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  1. Your openness to the Lord's will is inspiring! Praying for you!